JVZoo Features

JVZoo is always free to join and as an affiliate or vendor you can sell unlimited products from a single account. We have all the features that allow you to quickly grow your business & succeed online.

Start Selling More Today
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Sell More

Add your product to JVZoo today and instantly increase your revenue with millions of proven buyers and over 800,000 active affiliates.

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Instant Affiliate Program

Simply list your product and you can immediately start recruiting affiliates. It’s never been easier!

Sell Unlimited Products

You can list and sell unlimited products from a single JVZoo account at zero cost.

Drop & Click Sales Funnels

Instantly create conversion crushing sales funnels for your products with a simple drop and click.

Digital Delivery Protection

JVZoo’s customer portal will instantly deliver your products for you, saving you time and money.

Auto Affiliate Payments

As soon as a sale is made we will instantly pay the affiliate on your behalf with JVZooPay making affiliate commission payments easier and safer.

Never Go Out Of Pocket

You’ll only ever pay when you make a sale. In case of refunds you’ll automatically get any affiliates commissions back.

JV Profit Sharing

Instantly pay JV partners for each transaction, removing all confusing money division.

Dime Sale Technology

Create urgency with countdown buttons that automatically track sales and update in real time.

Recurring Payments

Set up individual products or recurring memberships with trials. You’ve got the flexibility at JVZoo.

Seamless Integration

Simply list your product and you can immediately start recruiting affiliates. It’s never been easier!

Payment Processors

Payments are handled through the largest and most trusted payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap & Authorize,net

Payment Processors

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Earn More

JVZoo is always 100% free for affiliates. Join today and gain instant access to JVZoo’s Marketplace where you can quickly find the perfect product to promote to your audience today.

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Instant Commissions

Promote products via your blog, email list, website, PPC, etc. Commissions are paid direct to your personal JVZooPay account.

Searchable Marketplace

Quickly find the best products to promote. Our real time conversion and EPC shows you exactly what to expect from a promotion.

Instant Sale Notification

Keep an eye on your campaigns with instant notifications. Notices are sent to your email’s inbox when a sale is made.

One Affiliate Link

A single affiliate link for a product cookies you to all products in a funnel. This includes one-time offers, upsells, downsells etc.

Automatic Bonus Delivery

Our bonus delivery system allows you to upload a bonus product that is automatically delivered with the purchased product.

Vendor Cookies

The “last cookie gets the sale”. You are automatically cookied for all of that vendor’s products - for life.

2-Tier Affiliate Commissions

Select products also allow you to recruit affiliates, earning you a commission each time a sale is made by an affiliate you recruited.

Achieve More

No matter if you are an affiliate, vendor or both - We give you all the information and help you need to succeed, while also automating the most tedious tasks, so you can focus on making more sales.

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Tracking & Statistics

Everything from clicks, EPC’s, sales, percentages to tracking ID’s can be found easily in your affiliate reports.

Industry Leading Support

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, we are here to help with industry leading support that cares.

Personal JVZooPay Account

Whenever you make a sale the money is deposited directly into your own JVZooPay account. From here you can easily withdraw it.

List Building Technology

Instantly add all your customers to your list when they purchase a product from you. This works for both affiliates and vendors.

Ad Manager Plugin/Widget

Let affiliates instantly sell your products on their blogs and websites with Ad Manager. Or add it to your own blog.

We Handle Taxes

You don’t have to worry about collecting tax info. JVZoo can also automatically calculate and apply sales tax and VAT for all regions.

Keep Your Business Safe

We ensure that JVZoo and the products on there are always up to scratch with all relevant rules such as FTC regulations and GDPR.

Real Time Tracking

See exactly how your campaigns are performing in real time. You can even create multiple trackers for the same product.

Powerful Integrations.

JVZoo is integrated with leading services and providers, making it easy for you to grow and scale your business. JVZoo also offers a powerful API, so you can build custom integrations and workflows.

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