Leadership Team

Our Success Is Due Not Only To The Quality Of Our Work; It’s Down To Attitude, Our Approach, And The Way We Treat Our Employees And Clients.

Named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2016 and 2017, JVZoo has been transformed by its leaders from a micro business into a thriving small business. By combining their knowledge, experience and values, they have utilized all the necessary tools to run a successful and profitable online business.


With more than 17 years’ experience driving real, measurable results, Laura chooses to lead through strategic thinking. As a former corporate accounts executive who has dramatically increased revenue in a short amount of time, she has proven her leadership abilities. Laura is skilled in building high-performing teams and interdepartmental relationships to create win-win solutions. As the CEO of JVZoo, she has collaborated with the company’s team to identify, develop, and implement productivity and system improvements. Refocusing the company on user success, Laura is most excited about the recent addition of JVZoo Academy. Having once served as a consultant for Blade Global, she is currently a member of their board. In addition, Laura has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and StartUps.co. What Laura enjoys most is fostering a culture where employees thrive and value teamwork.


Bryan is a former professional golfer and an entrepreneur who has been marketing products and services online since 2008. He has has been featured on the cover of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine and has authored a bestselling book, This is What Success Looks Like. Bryan led JVZoo as its CEO for the first five years, taking the company from a micro business to a successful small business. (Notable Fact: Only 3% of small businesses which started in 2011 made it to their 5th year). As the Chief Operations Officer, Bryan continues to lead JVZoo with his practical and direct style. He would rather blend in and meet new people without focusing attention on his success.


Chad has 16 years’ experience developing enterprise-sized online platforms. He was formerly an IT director, department manager, and software consultant, and has experience in telecommunications, retail, commerce, printing and personality profiling. Chad received his MBA from Webster University, Masters of Computer Science from NC State University, and his Bachelor of Science degree from Coastal Carolina University, where he is a frequent lecturer and teaching associate. Chad’s love for education and admiration for the university that prompted him to purchase his first computer, thereby changing the course of his life, is why he has begun a substantial scholarship program at CCU. Similar to Zimmerman in refusing to conform to the look of success, Chad wears jeans and T-shirts with clever sayings such as “We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public”, and his desk is adorned with assorted brain teasing puzzles and nerdy toys, including a plastic brain from Pinky and the Brain.